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Ultimate Detail

Ultimate Detail is our newest service that includes everything to make your vehicle look its shiniest and cleanest inside and out. This is the service that will bring your vehicle to its best point of perfection and one of the cleanest on the street. You family, neighbors, and friends may think you traded your vehicle in for a newer version of the same thing. Price will very and quotes are no problem.


  • Wheels
  • Hand Wash
  • Clay Surface
  • Level 1 Polish
  • Wax 2 Coats
  • Trim Protectant


  • Vacuum & Dust
  • Interior shampoo
  • Complete Wipe-Down
  • Interior Protectant
  • Glass & Mirrors
  • Door Jambs

Basic Detail

Most basic cleaning of interior and exterior

  • Hand Wash
  • Hand Wax
  • Vacuum & Dust
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Door Jambs

Showroom Detail

UV blocking gloss shine protectant on all the plastic, leather, vinyl, and rubber.

  • Basic Package
  • Complete Wipe-Down
  • Gloss Protectant on plastic, leather, vinyl, and exterior trim
  • Tire Shine

Deep Clean Detail

Interior Exterior Detail with interior shampooing.

  • Basic Package
  • Complete Wipe-Down
  • Gloss Protectant (plastic, leather, vinyl, and exterior trim)

Treat your vehicle to the detail that makes a difference!

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